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Listen : Whispers (Chapter 11)

Title: Listen : Whispers
Chapter: [11/?]
Characters: Kyuhyun, Heechul, Yesung, Siwon, Donghae, Hangeng, Eunhyuk other SJ members might join in soon
Pairings: KyuChul, YeWook, past!HanChul, KyuSung_friendship, SiChul_friendship, Kihae and more to come soon
Rating: R
Genre: AU, Supernatural, Drama, Angst
Type: Multi-Chapter
Word Count : 4,174
Warning : Character death, ghostly apparitions?, mature language
Disclaimer : I own many things, but unfortunately Super Junior isn't one of them.

After the whole ‘ghost’ incident with Heechul, Kyuhyun thought he would be free from all of the craziness and go back to his normal life as a university student. But when he starts to hear whispers again, nothing is as he expects...especially when so much more is at stake this time.

Listen (Part  1) - in Masterlist

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A/N : This is the chapter of kyuchul overload i mentioned a few posts ago. >.<" Hopefully it's alright! Comments please? XD

Chapter 11

“Why won’t you listen? Your life, it can’t be this way forever!”

“Aish. I’m happy, that’s what matters. So why can’t you be happy with me too?”

“It doesn’t work this way, Heechul. I won’t let it. I’m sorry.” Slam goes the door.

“Yah!”  Heechul’s eyes are pried open when he felt something warm and prickly grazing against the skin of his neck. He literally bolted up and grabbed at whatever he could, managing to push something in proximity that gave a yelp louder than necessary. He might still be feeling a little light-headed, but he remembered not having anything in his room that could somehow sit on his bed and yelp like that. Heebum shrieked most of the time and he didn’t own a dog. Unless, well, it was human.

 “Yah, that used to be my nose you just successfully made a dent of in my face!”

The covers felt soft beneath him and he was glad that he was in his own bed. Heechul grabbed his head in his hand, somewhat searching his mind, trying to match the voice with a face he knew. Siwon’s voice didn’t sound like that; neither did Donghae or Ryeowook’s. Ah, so annoying. Someone had drawn the curtains in his room and it was too dark to see who it was. Hankyung? No, it couldn’t be.

“Hey, are you alright? It’s me, Kyuhyun.”

Ah, right. Kyuhyun. His eyes were adjusting to the dimness and the outlines were slowly emerging.  Through half-lidded eyes he could see the young features and his heart gave a jolt. Wait, what was he doing here?

“This is my room, right? Why are you here?” Heechul asked suspiciously, leaning back as the other propped up a pillow behind him.

“I would have expected you to be a little bit more grateful,” the other mumbled as Heechul felt the weight lifted off from his bed.

Suddenly he remembered what had woken him up in the first place. The room felt so hot and he was sweating profusely. Most of all he was already sweaty enough without the piece of something prickly apparently stuffed and wrung around his neck. He grabbed at it and pulled it off; it felt long and woolly.

A scarf?


Siwon closed his eyes and took in the wonderful aroma of freshly-brewed coffee lingering in the kitchen, inciting a relaxing pleasure yet awakening his senses. The steam from it was a clear contrast against the cold temperature outside, and for once he was guilty of being glad for not needing to be outside. It was a feeling he was rather fond of, yet it was a little disrupting at the moment to fully enjoy. The bedroom door that had just opened and left slightly ajar a few moments ago was visible from where he was busy pretending to be busy –if that made any sense at all- in the kitchen, but he had forced himself not to peep or bother with what was going on inside, which in Siwon’s books, was very, very hard. Especially when it involves his Heechul-hyung’s safety and well-being.

 He took a sip of the steaming black liquid, feeling it scald his tongue a little and flinched slightly. It was then he shook his head and poured the pot of the hot liquid down the sink and proceeded to add hot water into the silver pot, deciding to brew raspberry tea instead. Heechul-hyung would be happy to wake up to a lukewarm cup of his favourite tea, he thought as he raided for the pink box of tea leaves he was sure was lying somewhere in the kitchen cabinet.


 “Yah, have it back on! It’s cold!” Kyuhyun cried with alarm, hands flailing and pressing the scarf back onto the older man who wrestled back weakly.

“Yah, pabo! I’m sweating like hell and you want me to have this all prickly and hot around my neck?!” Kyuhyun pouted through the darkness and watched resignedly as the other stubbornly pulled it back off from his neck. He wondered what had made him stay on after he had dragged the man back into his apartment from the hospital. And then he wondered what was with that Siwon egging him on to stay to ‘make sure that Heechul is not in a coma’. He shook his head, remembering what had happened at the hospital and praying no one had seen it, or maybe, just maybe, that it was merely just a fragment of Kyuhyun’s fickle imagination and none of it happened at all.

“Yah, you haven’t told me why you’re here in my room.” Heechul said after he had drifted in his thoughts in silence for a few moments. Kyuhyun shook his head subtly. “You were practically knocked out from just now at the hospital. After Ryeowook-ssi’s father…passed away. I saved you from Yesung-hyung’s punches! Don’t you remember? And then I had to drag you back here,” Kyuhyun muttered, standing awkwardly by the bed in the dimly-lit room filled with various things, including a lot of odd and pink objects.

Slowly everything fell into place like little puzzle pieces to form a big picture in Heechul’s mind. He remembered going to the hospital to give some support -if that was any help at all- he remembered Ryeowook’s father’s ghost threatening him, he remembered the images of the memories he didn’t see, the horrible nauseous feeling again, him trying to explain to his close dongsaeng that had suffered through so much, that Yesung guy trying to throw a punch at him, and then…he gulped. Right, someone had come and everything resolved and then he couldn’t remember anymore. It must have been Kyuhyun. He swallowed guiltily, glad that it was dark so that Kyuhyun couldn’t see his awkward face.


Kyuhyun’s face screwed up incredulously. “Oh? That’s all? All you can offer me is ‘oh’?”

“Okay, I’m praying you don’t die from being killed by that weird Yesung-hyung of yours. Get me a wet towel, I’m hot and sweaty.” Silence ensued, rather awkwardly.

 “That just sounds wrong.”

“Just go.”


Siwon was about to release a pinch of sweet-smelling tea leaves when a soft and hesitant voice crept from the back. “Siwon-ssi, err, can I get a hand towel from you?”

He narrowed his eyes and shook his head, adding an obligated smile at the end. “Sure.”

After rummaging around for a hand towel and passing it to the younger boy, Siwon went back to the kitchen and wondered if the boy liked raspberry tea since it was quite a matter of acquired taste. But then again if he has anything for Heechul, then the boy’s surely one with unique taste. Siwon dusts the bits of tea leaves off his fingers and into the pot of hot water, letting it sit over the fire for a little while as he leaned against the kitchen top, lifting his cup of coffee and picking up from where he last left it, letting his thoughts wander yet again that cold Saturday afternoon. It took a little while to remember how he had first come into acquaintance with Heechul; after all it has been a few good years since then.

Back then he was only the boring Choi Siwon, the only son of a then-director-now-CEO of a big pharmaceutical company in Seoul who had very few friends (no one dared to go near the ‘golden boy’ who had bodyguards to escort him to and back from school), and very little in common with the country boy from Gangwon-do who grew up in his grandparents’ house and when younger, would rather play jacks or hide-and-seek with the girls.

Life was hectic for the ninth grader; filled with school, drum lessons, arithmetic classes, Taekwondo etc. Raised in a strict Christian family, Siwon was always taught to put religion first and he did. He always believed in God and the greater good, but somehow there was always still a little gap that nothing could fill. Things somehow changed the day he picked up a teen magazine and by chance, the ‘Make a Friend’ page was the first one he had flipped to.

‘Name: Kim Heechul a.k.a. Heenim.

Details: Not interested in girls. Please email back if you’re as lonely as me. ‘

The picture attached was of a boy who had medium-length hair and a slight fringe, face unsmiling. Something clicked in place and that day he came back from school, Siwon experimented with his new email account he had just registered.

Siwon would tell his newly-acquainted hyung about his somewhat ‘imprisonment’, hiding behind the noble cause of his parents’ ‘I just want the best for you’ intention and in turn, Heechul would tell him tales of how supernatural forces were out to get him. Back then, Siwon was undecided if the tall tales were true but somehow he enjoyed them like a horror story newsletter. The other didn’t seem to mind when he rambled on about what he learnt at classes as well. Siwon was remembering those times he would sit by his post box to wait for Heechul’s letter every Friday when that Kyuhyun came out of Heechul’s room again.


“Here, your towel.” Kyuhyun extended the nicely-wrung towel towards Heechul awkwardly, biting the insides of his cheek nervously. Heechul scoffed and pulled it from the boy, twirling it from one hand to another.

“So, you’re alright, right? I should probably just-uh, go.” Kyuhyun said, shifting from one foot to the other.

“No, just stay a while. You’re already here.”

Kyuhyun’s eyes lighted up in the dark in surprise, wondering how he had ended up in this situation. It was strange, so strange. His heart felt like it was going to squeeze out of his chest anytime soon. Strange.

“Yah, why should I? Now that you’re awake, do you want me to turn on the lights? I can’t see properly.” Kyuhyun asked nervously, turning back. No answer. He tried again. “If you just shook your head, I can’t really see that, you know?”

“No, not seeing is better sometimes, do you understand? Just shut up and sit down.”

 Kyuhyun felt a hand pull him down by the hem of his sweater, forcing him to plop on the bed clumsily, elbow grazing against the man’s propped-up knees. His whole body froze at the contact, but the sad tone he could make out from the voice made him forget everything else. Heechul didn’t seem to mind the casual contact their limbs were making, so Kyuhyun let himself rest against the man mindlessly. “What happened just now? Why was Yesung-hyung so angry with you?” he asked, voice dropping into a whisper.

“Yah, why is this so-argh!”

Kyuhyun repositioned himself and grabbed blindly for the man’s flailing hands holding the tangled wet towel, hand touching cold delicate ones.“Aish, let me help you. You’re turning the towel into a rope, pabo.”

“Who are you calling pabo, you pabo! Yah, aish, it’s cold!” The man protested as Kyuhyun shook his head and pressed the untangled towel against the man’s forehead firmly, ignoring the writhing body beneath. How good would it be if the man could just be calm and at peace for once, like when he was sleeping just now. The man slumped back against the pillows a few moments later and sighed, finally letting Kyuhyun nurse his sweaty forehead quietly.

“Ryeowook’s father. I’ve seen it happened before, when Ryeowook’s mother died. Your Yesung-hyung was right; I could have prevented Ryeowook from carrying that emotional baggage all these years. I’m a terrible hyung.”

Kyuhyun couldn’t decipher the tone at all this time. It sounded so foreign, so new, a different side of the otherwise cold-hearted man. Something he never thought the man was capable of. He had never seen the man showing this side before, this weak and fragile alternative, these raw emotions radiating from within. There was a nagging in Kyuhyun’s heart, a sort of dull ache he couldn’t explain.

“It’s not your fault; you only wanted to protect him…” His hands soothed and patted the sides of the wet towel, fingers running through the fabric over and over again. The only way he could allow himself any contact with the man, the only way he felt he could help.

“You think so? How do you know so much?” Heechul’s voice sounded feverishly amused like before at the hospital. Kyuhyun shrugged. “I don’t, but something tells me that’s just who you are. I know I haven’t known you for a long time to say much, but you’ve always been this way, haven’t you? Why do you never speak what you feel from inside?” he mumbled softly, still patting the forehead soothingly.

Through the dark Heechul’s soft laugh rippled slowly, almost sounding wrecked and vulnerable, like a broken musical box. Still trying to sing the right tune when obviously something inside was broken and inevitably showing on outside.

“Why should I? No one ever understands anyway. It wouldn’t make a difference. I’ve been doing this for too long, seeing them. No one knows how heavy it feels sometimes.”

“Maybe someone would. Maybe it takes one to understand another,” Kyuhyun murmured hopefully, jaw clenched as he closed his eyes quietly, unconsciously letting the scent of the room that was unique to the man in front of him fill his senses. The two of them soaked in the tenacious silence, both deep in their own thoughts.

“There used to be someone…but he’s gone. Sometimes it’s just so tiring, sometimes it hurts so much. Do you know how that feels?” Heechul let slip in a whisper, biting on his lips and slumping backwards, a soft throbbing beating against his temple as he remembered a flash of his dream. His eyes had become moist before he could stop himself.

The other, however, could only feel his own shoulders droop, letting the towel rest finally. His hands fell lax by his sides, the dull ache becoming more and more like a rock lugging at the bottom of his stomach. Kyuhyun unknowingly lets his hand hover above the face slightly, longing to touch the soft curvature. Someone?

 “Yah…You’re not telling anyone what I just said, got it??” The other suddenly changed into a threatening demeanor. Kyuhyun’s train of thoughts was mercilessly broken by the other’s intrusive voice as his hand was quickly caught in the other’s. A hesitant ‘who?’ was stuck in his throat halfway but he swallowed it back. Through the dark he wondered what expression the man was displaying on his delicate and tired face, quietly thankful for the darkness so his own couldn’t be read by the other. The man’s soft grip on his wrist was firm yet gentle and painless, unknowingly sending ripples of bleak heartache through Kyuhyun’s system; a surge of longing yet accompanied by dull hopelessness.  But a bubble of odd happiness lingered as well; finally the man was opening up to him. Something inside clicked and he knew he was spiralling beyond hope into a deep hole already.

“Kid, it’s so hot in here. Ask Siwon to turn the heater off.” Heechul demanded suddenly, releasing Kyuhyun’s hand and moving the towel from his forehead, dumping it on his bedside table beside the remnants of his broken alarm clock.

Kyuhyun got up from the bed almost immediately in one awkward move.“O-okay.”

Heechul watched as the other shuffled out of the room hurriedly, grabbing the side of his head wearily. He shouldn’t, no, he mustn’t. No one deserves to be dragged into the mess that he already was.

But still…


“Sorry, Siwon-ssi. Heechul is asking if you could turn the heater down slightly. He’s complaining how it’s turning a little stuffy in the room.”

Siwon sighed but tilted his head in surprise when he noticed how the young face was slightly blushing and sweaty. He guessed it must be really getting a little bit too warm in the apartment now. “Okay. Everything alright inside?” He asked, making his way over to the box of electrical switches in the living room.

The boy gave a nervous nod after a long while, face vacant in deep thought. “Y-yeah, I guess. Thanks,” he edged back slowly into the room. Siwon wondered exactly what was going on between the two. Maybe it wasn’t such a bad thing after all, he thought as he pulled out a chair and sat down.

It wasn’t long after Siwon had moved into the apartment in central Seoul to attend university after Heechul and his brother arrived from Gangwon-do that they soon find out what he was capable of doing. Siwon never could believe it at first, although he did believe in his hyung’s words about his abilities without a doubt, but him, Choi Siwon having such an odd ability of repelling spirits? It felt fairly beyond impossible.

Even after a long time he could not come to terms with it and only shrugged it off as a joke when Heechul suggested it as a side-effect of attending church so zealously since he was young. He shook his head as the tea started to fill the kitchen with a pungent sweet smell, turning the fire lower.

His eyes landed on the lower drawer of the kitchen cabinet, filled with kitchen utensils and whatnot. He scoffed, placing his coffee down on the counter as he heard soft footsteps in Heechul’s bedroom. A soft and short meow ensued.  He knew very well Heebum was keeping a watchful eye on his owner outside the bedroom door as well, probably as anxious and wary, if not more, as Siwon himself. He clenched his jaw, wondering what was happening inside but decided to wait, hoping that he and Heebum would have enough patience.

Even if Siwon wasn’t an expert in the kitchen and had always preferred to wait for his food rather than prepare them himself, he didn’t need to open the drawer to know what used to be there. Before Ryeowook had come by and made the kitchen his territory, the busiest place in the house used to belong to someone else. He sighed; Hangeng-hyung’s fried rice was everyone’s favourite in the cosy apartment they shared.

When he had first introduced his new good friend and hyung, the Chinese exchange student from his university to the short-fused man from Gangwon-do, he had never thought they’d click so well somehow. While Heechul was defensive and haughty on the outside (a façade to hide the frailty and anguish inside, Siwon knew), Hangeng was kind and gentle yet not overly compliant to the older man. Siwon had never seen Heechul happier than the day he somehow managed to convince (perhaps bully or threaten would be more fitting) his new China friend to move in with them into the apartment.

 Maybe it was because fate would have them linked so well, or perhaps the fact that Hangeng-hyung had the astonishing ability to assist Heechul in his dealings with the supernatural had helped bring them closer than they already were. It was as if Heechul was a kid who had found his favourite toy and best friend; never letting him out of sight even once if he could. They were like the perfect pair (eventually Siwon found out that there was something going on between the two and took about a whole 3 months and a little more to come to terms with them being, well, together); until the day the man was gone and everything changed. Heechul lapsed back into what Donghae liked to refer as ‘pre-Hankyung’ days; moody and recluse, snappy and temperament.

It wasn’t pleasant…and perhaps a little bit heart-wrenching too.


“Better now?” Kyuhyun said softly, licking his chapped lips unknowingly as he skipped around the statue-like, unmoving cat at the entrance of the door, which was practically burning holes into his back as he made his way back into the room.

“Yeah, good. The hot temperature drives me crazy.” Heechul nodded back.

Kyuhyun stood at least two feet away from the bed this time, hands dug deep into his pockets. “It’s snowing like mad outside.”

“Is it?” Heechul answers back nonchalantly, bringing his knees up to rest his chin. Mindless and offhand remarks without sarcasm. It felt strangely new. Kyuhyun suddenly felt like he was overstaying his welcome.

“I’ll just be going, you should be resting, you know. Take care. Send my regards to Ryeowook-ssi if you can,” Kyuhyun said quietly, grabbing around for his bag.

Heechul furrowed his brows and sighed resignedly. “But I haven’t introduced you yet.”

Kyuhyun tilted his head in confusion. “Who?”

“Heebum, my cat. Say hello to Kyuhyun-ahjussi.” Heechul patted the bed and cooed as the cat jumped onto the bed beside him.

Kyuhyun shook his head in puzzlement and felt a smile curve his lips unknowingly. “You can be so ridiculous and strange sometimes,” he said before he could stop himself.

“I know. But you don’t seem to mind.”

Kyuhyun says nothing and sits back on the bed beside Heechul quietly, scratching the back of the ears of short-haired cat who purred back contently. “It’s because I’m the same too, I guess.”

Heechul quietly smiles back, allowing himself to let everything else go free for once, even if it was just to enjoy this moment, swallowing slightly. “Kyuhyun-ah. Thank you.”

Kyuhyun turned in surprise, never once hearing those words of gold coming out from the arrogant man’s mouth. “Huh?”

“For being the idiot you are, believing in me without reason.” The voice was ceasing to even less than a whisper but Kyuhyun caught it all in surprise.


“Yah! I’m not saying it again!” Heechul shouted, holding Heebum up in a threatening pose.

Kyuhyun relaxed a little and gave a lopsided smile. “We’re equal.”


Shuffling footsteps came again and Siwon turned just before the boy had opened his mouth. “What is it this time, Kyuhyun-ssi? Are you going to wash his bottom next if he asks you to?”

Siwon quite enjoyed the halfway look of obliged politeness breaking into annoyance on the tousled haired-boy’s face. “Yah, it’s not my fault he’s being such a spoiled child! You guys must spoil him too much!” The boy crossed his arms.

“Kyuhyun-ssi. Thanks for bringing him back safely when I could not.”

Kyuhyun tilted his head slightly in a confused manner. “Y-you’re welcome.” Then something clicked in place as his jaw dropped In surprise. “You’re the one who called me!”

 Siwon nodded. “I’m sorry I forgot to leave a name. I thought you’d remember somehow. But funny how you went to the hospital anyway. You didn’t think it was a prank call? “

The boy scratched his head apprehensively. “I… I wasn’t thinking much. I just wanted to help, I guess.”

“I suppose we’ll be needing a lot of your help in the future with Heechul-hyung. Knowing him, he’s just like a child who can never grow up. So this is my prepaid ‘thank-you’s for the future.” Siwon wiped his hands on his pants and went back to busying himself with the pot of tea. “I hope you don’t mind raspberry tea, Kyuhyun-ssi.” He didn’t manage to catch what the other was mumbling before Heechul’s demanding voice rang through the hallway anyway, shouting Kyuhyun’s name. Siwon scoffed and shook his head before the other hurried off yet again. “You better go see what he wants this time.”

A short, snort of laugh ensued from the room and Siwon placed his coffee cup back onto the counter, wondering what they were laughing about. It’d probably take a lot to make Heechul laugh in times like these, especially when Ryeowook’s father had just passed on and how worried he must be about his dongsaeng even if he didn’t show it. Siwon wondered just what that young boy had under his sleeve to finally open his hyung’s well-hidden heart.

Now that Hangeng was gone, Heechul had sworn one day to not give a damn anymore if any lost spirits needed help or things done. Siwon was somehow relieved when that happened because he hated to see his hyung sick and frail from all the bad energy when he was out scouting for them alone. But deep down he knew Heechul didn’t meant what he said that day.

But then again, Siwon wondered which he preferred: Heechul miserable and without passion but safe, versus Heechul at risk with danger but happy. He didn’t know the boy that much, and perhaps the fact that he too can do what Hangeng-hyung can do was pure fate, but at the moment Siwon was just astonished by the fact that he hadn’t heard Heechul’s laugh being so carefree for a really long time, ever since the China man went missing. Sometimes Siwon just didn’t know what to think anymore.

He sat and sipped his cold coffee, watching as the younger of the two playfully drop three cubes of sugar into the older man’s tea, who hit the back of his head with a kitchen mitten. Siwon sighed and laughed along softly, thinking how life can be so confusing sometimes.


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