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Listen : Whispers (Chapter 1)

Title: Listen : Whispers
Chapter: [1/?]
Characters: Kyuhyun, Heechul, Yesung, Siwon, Donghae, Hangeng, Eunhyuk other SJ members might join in soon
Pairings: KyuChul, YeWook, past!HanChul, KyuSung_friendship, SiChul_friendship, Kihae and more to come soon
Rating: R
Genre: AU, Supernatural, Drama, Angst
Type: Multi-Chapter
Word Count : 1,643
Warning : Character death, ghostly apparitions?
Disclaimer : I own many things, but unfortunately Super Junior isn't one of them.

After the whole ‘ghost’ incident with Heechul, Kyuhyun thought he would be free from all of the craziness and go back to his normal life as a university student. But when he starts to hear whispers again, nothing is as he expects...especially when so much more is at stake this time.

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Chapter 1

“You can wipe that idiotic grin off your face right now.”

Heechul panted slightly as the bike jerked to a halt by a grassy patch peppered with fine sand…finally.

“I really need to get one myself; I didn’t know I could ride so well!” Kyuhyun puffed somewhat happily, albeit both trembling hands still holding onto the handles. A trickle of sweat was caught nicely by the rim of the bike goggles he was wearing as he turned off the engine.

“Why do you have such a high opinion of yourself? Your poor pillion rider with a broken arm nearly got his other arm broken on the way and you still think you’re a good rider? If you crashed my baby, even your miserable life is not enough to replace it!”

Kyuhyun sucked in some ocean breeze a little uncomfortably and stared down the wide pathway leading down to the sandy beach, smirking slightly. “You breaking my ribs is a little more like it, Heechul.”

When he expected the man to withdraw the arm from around his waist, the grip tightened a little too much. “That’s exactly what I’m going to do if you call me that again. My right arm might be broken but this one’s not.”

 The voice just right next to his ear was a little low and the air from it felt hot and ticklish. Kyuhyun could even smell the flowered-scented shampoo from the man’s hair. He wriggled his torso away instead, ears growing red and warm. “What? That’s your name, isn’t it?”

“You’re younger than me, I’m sure. Now what do younger boys call senior boys whom they should expect in every single way, hmm?”

Kyuhyun shuddered, the arm around him tightening and sending tingly sensation coursing through him, not unlike the feeling on his wrist previously. His heart began to thump rather wildly. “Uh-hyung?”

“What hyung?” Heechul gave a suave smile to a curious passerby who was staring at them. Kyuhyun tightened his grip on the handles, knuckles turning white. “Heechul-hyung?” he gulped hesitantly.

“Now that’s better, brat. Someone has to teach you some manners. Luckily my brother’s not like you.” The older man finally released the constricting arm and hobbled off the bike, a small smile slowly forming on his face as he stretched his free arm and inhaled deeply. He missed the smell of the ocean and the salty breeze that came with it, wrinkling his nose slightly in delight. He regretted not bringing Donghae along; the little fishy would have enjoyed it. But then he shook his head mentally, reminding himself the reason why he risked his life riding pillion all the way here with an injured arm. No, he would have to find out for sure today. He swallowed.

“But I’m younger than your brother!” Kyuhyun whined, removing the helmet and goggles, tousled hair in a tangled mess. “That’s not the point. And you look older than my little brother, period.” Kyuhyun realized he had a point there; truth to be told he did feel he looked older than his real age. He shook his head hurriedly. Heechul had skilfully removed his helmet with one hand and placed it back neatly without a sound even before the younger boy could offer to do it for him, now checking himself out in the side mirror.

“Wait, tell me why we’re here again?” Kyuhyun asked, furrowing his eyebrows. “Do you want me to thank you by bring you here for a picnic by the beach?” The younger boy bent down to grab for the bags of food irritably as the other began scanning the beach from where they stood.

Heechul shook his head subtly, his side profile threatening to turn into a silhouette soon with the setting orange sun. “We’re not here for a picnic. But just bring those along.”
“Huh?” Heechul’s voice sounded serious and low.


Kyuhyun gulped and followed from behind as the other led the way slowly down the vague steps to the sandy area of the beach. Footprint after footprint formed on the soft brown sand with his shadow casting over them as Kyuhyun followed, marvelling at the way the distance between each confident stride somehow seemed oddly uniform. The steps were subtle but firm, leaving marks behind for sure, just like the one imprinting them. He nearly bumped into the man in front of him before realizing he had stopped in his tracks.

“I don’t know if it affects you as much. But just keep calm and don’t do anything stupid. I just need to know.”

The younger boy’s face screwed up in confusion as he realized they were standing alone in the middle of the deserted beach and it was getting darker by the second.

“What are you talking about?” Kyuhyun asked loudly as the other began fidgeting slightly while looking around.

“There’s not many.”

“What? Seagulls?”

“Just leave those here and keep quiet. Make sure you have the keys with you,” Heechul whispered before turning away to face the front.

Kyuhyun felt his jaw drop when the older man began shouting the most creative obscenities and vulgar words that would never make it to Korean television to the seemingly empty beach.

It wasn’t long before he heard a slow stir of a hoard of voices and indistinguishable whispers coming from all directions, growing louder and louder as a bad feeling rose in his chest; a familiar bad feeling. His feet felt like they weren’t there anymore.


And then some crying sounds came, and someone singing in a high voice joined in the chorus. Sounds of splashing water like someone jumping over and over again ensued but the waters looked calm in front of them. Kyuhyun’s head felt like it was about to explode as he slammed both hands onto his ears. And then screams filled the air.


Kyuhyun felt his wrist being dragged away and his whole body automatically followed, ominous and crushing feeling trailing as his heart felt like it was stuck in his throat. Heechul was dragging him along and his arm-sling was bouncing up and down as they ran in the sand like madmen. He ran as fast as his legs could allow him, arms and feet everywhere, screaming along as they went but the other man was laughing rather hysterically in glee.

The voices still filled his head but they were getting more distant as they literally hopped onto the bike, hastily clasping the helmet on and turning the keys. The engine roared away as they sped along the way. Kyuhyun shuddered as they exited left into an empty road, leading back to the main street. The ability to do anything else except to keep the bike moving was thankfully still in him. The skies were now officially dark with the cold night breeze as companion.

Heechul’s outrageous screechy laugh suddenly filled the tense silence again, cackling madly to himself from behind. Kyuhyun snarled at him from inside his helmet.

“What the heck was that supposed to be?” He stared angrily ahead at the road.

Heechul’s laugh ceased in jerky puffs of breaths. “I haven’t done that in the longest time. I’ve forgotten how fun it was.”

“Was that supposed to be…fun?!” It was hard to stay focused when he was practically hyperventilating with his hair flying back in the wind.

“It was. Tell me when’s the last time you ran and screamed like that. Even with a bunch of hungry spirits behind you, you still run slower than my grandmother, KimKyu.” A snorty laugh followed.

Kyuhyun scowled. “You cursed at them! Of course they’d be running after us! Those voices I heard just now, there were so many of them!”

“It’s better to curse at them if you don’t want them to follow you. Saying a prayer or mantra does the exact opposite. They’d stick to you thinking you’d be able to help them.”
Kyuhyun swallowed, trying to absorb the rationale behind it.

“Places like the beach are their favourite grounds. That’s why I haven’t been here for so long. Here’s a tip, remember not to go after dark. If all else fails, run and scream like a little girl like you did just now and sweat it out a little.”

“Yeah, sweat it out. Aish, would it kill you to at least tell me what you’re planning to do? What if they follow us? Just like Shindong?” Kyuhyun berated, turning his head back to see if there was anyone following them.

“Nah, they won’t. I’ve tried this many times with Hankyung. Ah, never mind.”

The man chortled softly and then silence. Kyuhyun felt a small pressure on his back after a while and peered backwards. The man had apparently leaned his head on his back and fell asleep. It was so hard to grasp what was on the man’s mind.

“You did it just for the kicks, didn’t you?” he lamented to himself under his breath, shaking his head. He tensed up suddenly; a hand had curled slowly around his waist. He nearly rode into a bump on the road, missing it just by a little. The man stirred slightly but didn’t seem to wake up. He cringed as his ears grew warm again; shirt feeling a little wet from the back.

With one last ounce of effort, he tried to make it a smooth ride home, careful not to wake the man up. His mind wandered off with a nagging feeling in his chest, hands cold on the handles.

What had he meant by “I just want to know”? Who was ‘Hankyung’ or whatever name he had mentioned? Questions, questions…Kyuhyun sigh in frustration. The man always had a habit of keeping him in the dark with hoards of them floating in his mind; he hated it because it was killing him. And then there was the last chortle before the man apparently fell asleep.

It sounded broken.


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Tags: character : heechul, character : kyuhyun, character : siwon, fic : listen : whispers, pairing : hanchul, pairing : kihae, pairing : kyuchul, pairing : yewook
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